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Books Open:  June to July




General Booking Information: 

  • Booking Form is at the end of this page and will highlight all information required for an appointment
  • Flash: pre-drawn designs that are ready for a home, non-repeatable unless stated otherwise
    flash updates are shared on
  • Customs: all custom projects are non-repeatable 
    design is shown on the day of your appointment, allowing one small necessary revision 
  • Practice: you may read about it here
  • Approved Bookings: will receive an invoice entailing estimates and instructions to secure a date that works for you! 
    a reply can take up to 10 business days
    please check spam folder 
  • Availability: Monday to Saturdays // 10:00AM to 6:00PM 


  • Black Cat Tattoo is located on lək̓ʷəŋən (Lekwungen) / 659 Johnson Street, / Downtown “Victoria”
    Accessibility:  Second floor with a wide staircase of ~15 steps and no elevator.  If assistance is required, please let us know ahead of time for accommodation and we’ll figure something out! 
    Appointment Only: Masks + I.D Required!  
    Parking: On street parking and parkades are minutes within walking distance. 


    • Flash & Customs: a minimum of the hourly rate of $180+tax 
    • Customs: a separate flat drawing fee starts at $50 to $100 (Size: Small to Large) 
       Free Revisions:  one small revision is welcome after seeing your design at the beginning of your appointment
    • Extra Revision Fee:  $25.00 each  (e.g.  Impactful changes or additions that were not discussed ahead of time).  
    • Large Projects: 5+ hours are calculated by a half or full-day rate ($750/$1000) 
    • Estimates: A careful estimate is based on your inquiry and only for the time of tattooing 
      helpful tip: the more detailed your booking inquiry is, the closer the estimate 
    • if impacting changes are agreed ahead of time, the estimate will be updated accordingly 


    • A 30% non-refundable deposit is required and invoiced at the time of booking in order for the studio to secure your chosen appointment date; will be deducted from total. 
      this fee goes towards all the time, space and effort spent preparing your appointment! 
      all appointments are first come first serve and cannot be held without a deposit 
      30% is calculated from a careful estimate based on your inquiry (e.g. 30% of the hourly rate of $180 = $54, 30% of 2 hours = $108, 3 hours = $162, etc.) 
      remaining balance from the appointment date will be paid in person  
      deposit policy here for more information


    • All deposit invoices are paid online via Square/PayPal/Interac
    • All payments types are accepted, Canadian and International

    Rescheduling Policy: 

    Life itself can be a lot, our policy acknowledges those days rainier than others. 

    • Cancellation/Reschedule: appointments are limited up to two reschedules if 48 hours of notice is given
    • Third re-schedule: a new non-refundable deposit will be required
    • 30 Minute Grace: If you are running late or have a change of plans, please let us know ahead of time via email 
       after the grace period, you will be considered a no-show  
    • No Shows: your deposit will be forfeited and will need to be discussed to move forward
    • We Rescheduled?: if you are canceled on without 48 hours of notice, we will try our best to accommodate or refund your deposit!
    • We respect and value your time, and kindly ask for the same in return 
      More information on the policy here.

    Any further questions or concerns not found on this website are welcome in a designated section of the booking form!  


    Touch Up External Booking Form
    Victoria Booking Form: