“How will I know if my appointment is approved?”

  • You will received an email that entails all information on your inquiry and the next steps to secure your appointment 
    A reply takes 1 - 10 business days 
  • If you have checked your spam folder and have not received a reply, it may mean that we were not able to fulfill your request for the time being 

“Do you do super super small, micro tattoos?” 

  • No, the minimum sizing is outlined in the booking form 
  • Generally, most projects are a minimum of three inches 

“Do you do cover-up projects?” 

  • Only if I feel absolutely confident 

“Can you do multiple tattoos in one appointment?”

  • Generally depends on the subject, placement and pain tolerance! 
  • Feel free to input all your ideas in your booking form 

“Are there placements and subjects you do not tattoo?” 

  • Placements: fingers, feet, genital areas and face 
  • Subjects: Other artists’ artwork without written permission from the artist 
  • Scars: scars need to be over three years old 

“I’m under 18, can I still be tattooed?” 

  • Must be 18+, no exceptions

“How do consultations work?” 

  • If you are looking for a more complicated or larger scale project, then consultations are here to help you 
  • Not every project will need one, it highly depends on what needs to be achieved 
  • The option for a free virtual 30 minute consultation is available in the booking form

“Can I be your apprentice?”

Unfortunately there is only time for one at the moment. 
Her name is Erika and she’s doing amazing, please check out her work here

“Will you be coming to _____ to guest?”

  • Primarily travel between Toronto & Victoria!    
    usually try to work at interesting studios in Toronto as a guest!  
  • Future guest spots will be announced accordingly! (Hopefully L.A, Australia, Europe and Asia!!) 

“Can you touch up work that has been done by another tattooist?” 

  • No, please go back to your original artist

“Do I need to tip?” 

  • The tattoo industry is the same as any personal service industry. 
  • Anywhere from 10% to 20% is the standard, but please do what is comfortable to you! 
  • Tipping is not mandatory but always appreciated

“Does it hurt?”

  • Pain can be subjective and varies person to person depending on their mental and physical state 
  • Yes, it all hurts; some areas less than others but most people are fine 
  • Hot Tip for Ladies: 
    Menstruation generally causes more bleeding and pain for many 
    Optional, but scheduling around your cycle can be more comfortable

“Can I use numbing cream?”

  • Every artist is different, but we do not use numbing cream 
  • Numbing cream can only be used if you have prior experience with it
    please give prior notice in your booking form 


  • You will receive a ten minute aftercare break-down at the end of your appointment, tailored to your lifestyle 
  • A general digital copy will also be sent to your email 

“Touch Ups?”

  • Life long touch-ups are offered for all tattoos! First touch up within 8 months to 1 year is free.  
  • If more touch ups are required after, they will be a flat fee starting at $50 
  • Touch Up Booking Form here

“Can I bring a friend for support?” 

  • Unfortunately we are not allowing guests at this time with Covid-19 still being active  
  • It can be approved if requested in your booking form, but depends on case to case  

“What is your Covid-19 Policy?” 



“Are your flashes repeatable?”

  • Most flash designs are non-repeatable unless stated otherwise 

“Do you accept custom projects?”

  • I draw and stylize every project that comes in my direction.  
    Please make sure you review my work to make sure I am the right artist for you

“Can I see my design ahead of time?”

  • Designs are usually shown on the day of your appointment with ample time for any small necessary changes. 
  • If requested ahead of time, a rough draft of your design can be shown

“I have an appointment, but can I change my design?”

  • Canceled Appointments: 
    Please refrain from changing your design on the day of your appointment 
    Your appointment may be considered a cancellation unless an arrangement for changes was discussed via email
    Your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit is required for your new project 
  • Suggestion: If you are feeling unsure during the design process, let us know as soon as possible so we can help you out!