Victoria, BC / Toronto, ON


    [Drag & Play] An old Kodak film by the talented, one and only


    Kaman /[kaw-min] 

    嘉敏 [ga-mun] /

    is a multidisciplinary artist who relocated to Victoria, BC in 2022 from Toronto, ON, expanding her clientele. Mainly recognized for tattooing her Hong Kong/CBC childhood nostalgia and tailoring a gentle process for each client.

    Kaman has spent the last five years specializing in blackwork, fine-line tattooing with intermediate skills in colour. While her portfolio is diverse, her primary focus remains on exploring the culture and arts of East Asia, deeply influenced by her experiences and philosophies as a CBC (Chinese-Born-Canadian). 

    In addition, Kaman is always experimenting with other mediums including painting, calligraphy, digital art and illustration.  
    Recent works exhibited at Tender Touch in The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria until May 2024.  

    Other than art, Kaman is a tea snob that enjoys progressive techno, cooking, survival video games and camping.